4 Great Low-Maintenance Plants For Your Office


If you want to make your office a more comfortable and enjoyable place to work and hang-out, one easy way to achieve that is by adding plants to your office. Plants will give your office a more naturally, open feel and should improve mood and productivity in your office. Here are a few great low-maintenance plants to introduce to your office space. #1 Spider Plant A spider plant is a classic plant that thrives indoors.

15 July 2017

Display Your Collection Of Cactuses Inside Of A Cactus Garden


If you own a variety of small potted cactuses that you would like to display outside of your home, create a cactus garden by completing the steps below. Colorful sand and lighting that is added to the garden will enhance the new addition and will increase visibility so that the plants can be enjoyed day and night.  Materials garden tiller rake stakes measuring tape bricks large stones small shovel work gloves spade soil watering can water hose colorful sand floodlights  electrical source Clear The Land And Add A Border

12 June 2017

Three Landscaping Mistakes That Affect Your Sprinklers


A sprinkler system makes it much easier to keep your lawn watered and green. This can backfire, though, if the sprinkler doesn't work as it should. Fortunately, most systems will work well with proper maintenance and installation. The following are some landscaping mistakes to avoid, since they can interfere with the operation of your sprinkler system. #1: Ignoring bushes and large plants Chances are that your landscape wasn't fully developed when you first had the sprinklers installed.

6 June 2017

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Installing A Paver Stone Walkway


If you really want your landscaping to pop, it is all about creating the perfect balance of hardscaping, such as curbs and walkways, and flowers, trees, and plants. Adding a paver stone walkway is probably one of the easiest ways you can add a layer of visual interest in your landscaping and all the materials you need are pretty easy to find at the local home improvement store. However, installing a walkway with paver stones can actually be tougher than it looks.

29 May 2017

How To Keep Your Dog Away From Your Sprinkler System


Many homeowners install sprinkler systems to scare their dogs away from their garden. Unfortunately, some dogs love sprinklers. This system may keep your pet away from your garden, but your dog may find a new interest. Read on to find out how to keep your dog away from your sprinkler system. What Kind Of Damage Can Animals Do To Your Irrigation System? Dogs are really fascinated by the nozzle that pops up out of the ground and spray water.

21 May 2017

Interested In Fruit-Bearing Trees? 3 Ways Tree Trimming Professionals Can Help


Growing fruit at home can be a great way to enjoy making some of your own food, while adding some color to your yard. If you're interested in having some fruit-bearing trees growing on your property, it's a smart idea for you to look into how a tree trimming professional can help out with making sure the trees are going to grow properly. Before you go ahead and start with getting a fruit-bearing tree planted and on its way to producing fruit, consider the following three ways that bringing in a professional can help.

16 May 2017

Advantages Of Drip Irrigation Over Sprinklers


When it comes to gardening, there are three main ways to water the plants -- sprinklers, hand watering or drip irrigation. Hand watering can be time-consuming, so people often resort to either sprinkler systems or drip irrigation. Drip irrigation has a number of advantages over sprinkler systems. Less Wasted Water Plants tend to need watering the most when it's hot and sunny, but this is also the type of weather that leads to a lot of water evaporation.

11 May 2017